Friday, 11 December 2009

Hope the knitted horse

I've been very busy working lots of hours lately, but still managed to finish this in under a week. It's a knitted version of my sister's new pony, Hope. I have made one of these before, in January, and it seemed to take forever, mainly because my increases were really tight which made for hard work for my fingers. This one's turned out better, mainly because I used less stuffing (the legs are still a bit stretched though) and because I've got better at knitting and seaming.

I used less than one ball of the Mystery Mohair I bought in Abakhan Fabrics, I am going to have to make a lot of monkeys to use up the rest... the pattern is Claire Garland's Basic Horse, which I found via Ravelry.

Here's the previous version, done in cheap yarn from the market:

now just another labrador and to finish off a knitted cat for Christmas and I can kick back with some mince pies and crap telly.