Sunday, 27 November 2011

Some more monsters

This year I'm not doing much Christmas Knitting, it's better for my sanity that way, and having just started a new job I'm saving my spoons by only knitting what I want to- so here, have a couple more monster pics. These are more Rebecca Danger monsters, two from her book and one from a US magazine which was sent to me by a generous fellow Raveller.

I love these monsters, they knit up so quickly and have oodles of personality.

Friday, 4 November 2011

Giant Knitting

I've not been on here for a while, mostly thanks to the Beekeepers Quilt which seems to be stealing all my knitting time. But I had to come and post about the fun I'm having with some broom handles...

Yes, those are broom handles with the end whittled to points by my obliging brother. 3 strands of aran weight yarn is making a lovely soft drapey fabric. I'm adding in some cables because it's not challenging enough knitting with 25mm+ needles that are over 1m long :) It's wide enough at 60 stitches to make a blanket for a single bed.

Hard work on the shoulders, so I only managed 12 rows but it knits up so fast I could have a blanket in a week. I started doing this because I found out on Tuesday that I have a new job, and company policy at my old job is to pay you a week's wages in lieu of notice, and kick you out of the office- so surprise time off FTW!

Kitties are happy about this.

Please to be ignoring the state of my house. Surprise time off is NOT an opportunity to do housework.