Monday, 17 January 2011

Knitting notes for Frank Zappa!

Well I typed these up for a fellow Raveller (you know who you are) so thought I should post them here too.

Please note this is far from being a finished 'pattern' but if you can knit on DPNs and have made a toy before I think you should be able to make sense of it. First, here's Frank again:

and here are the notes.

For legs, cast on 4 sts in shoe colour.
inc 1 in every st (8sts)
K1 row
Repeat last 2 rows until 32 sts on needles, dividing between 3 DPNs at whatever stage is easiest for you.

P 1 row for ridge

Continue to knit rounds, decreasing 1 stitch at the same point every 2nd round until 20 sts remain. This forms the flare which end roughly at the knee. Continue to knit for 18 rows.

This completes leg one. Keep these sts on a spare needle and repeat for second leg.

Join both legs with the decreases facing ‘forward’. I really need to read up about how to join two things in the round to make one thing in the round- can’t offer much help there but I managed it first go!

You should now have 40 sts on the needles. K 8 rounds.
Next row K2tog, K9 to end (36 sts)
K 3 rows.
Repeat last 2 rows another 2 times (28 sts).

Change to t-shirt colour and K 2 rows

Worth stuffing the legs at this point, then continuing to stuff as you go.
next shape the ‘chest’ bit. Increase 1 at each side of body for next 4 rounds (36 sts)
K 10 rounds.

Shape shoulders- you need to place the decreases at the sides of the body again, so if your round starts at the centre back, K6, K3tog twice, K12, K3tog twice, K6 (28 sts)
and again- K4, K3tog twice, K8, K3tog twice, K4 (20 sts)

Switch to white and K2 tog all round (10 sts)
Purl 1 row for t-shirt collar
Switch to flesh tone and K 2 rows.

Shape head
next round Inc 1 in every st (20)
next round K1, inc 1 to end (30)
Next round K2, inc1 to end (40 sts)

K 15 rounds. Next 3 rounds finish off the head.
K2, K2tog to end
K1, K2tog to end
K2 tog to end
Break yarn, and using a darning needle run yarn through remaining sts on needle, pull tight and fasten off.

Arms- cast on 8 sts in flesh colour

inc 1 in every st (16 sts)
Divide across 3 DPNs and knit 32 rounds, stuffing as you go.
Switch to t-shirt sleeve colour and K 5 rows.
K2tog to end
fasten off as for head.

Attach arms to shoulders and your doll is done!

I made the hair by cutting short lengths of black yarn and using a crochet hook to attach individual strands.

Nose is a few vertical straight stitches followed by a couple of horizontal ones to make a lovely big nose.

Face was the first one i ever managed to embroider right first time. I will never be able to do it again :(

Friday, 7 January 2011

Frank Zappa

Meet Frank! This was my Xmas present to my other half, who loves Frank Zappa. I was trying to knit him at work at lunchtime so he wouldn't see it, but things got so busy that I only had his awesome flares done by Xmas Eve. So I had to knit a bit in front of him while he guessed (he totally knew it was for him) - he thought it might be a BeeGee from the flares.

Got up 6am Xmas Day to finish his face and hair. He's minimal and needs a guitar but hey...