Friday, 7 January 2011

Frank Zappa

Meet Frank! This was my Xmas present to my other half, who loves Frank Zappa. I was trying to knit him at work at lunchtime so he wouldn't see it, but things got so busy that I only had his awesome flares done by Xmas Eve. So I had to knit a bit in front of him while he guessed (he totally knew it was for him) - he thought it might be a BeeGee from the flares.

Got up 6am Xmas Day to finish his face and hair. He's minimal and needs a guitar but hey...


  1. please could you tell me what pattern you used as my hubby is a great zappa fan and I would love to knit him one

  2. Hi- I made him up as I went along but can provide some basic pattern notes - he's pretty simple really!

  3. Can you make me a headcover for a golf club of Frank..
    I don't need the body.
    I have tried to find someone before with no luck..
    How much?

  4. Hi! I think a golf club cover would be fairly simple and quick to do- but I'd need some measurements as I don't know any golfers whose clubs i could borrow! For just a head to cover a club I could probably make one up for about £10 using acrylic yarn- let me know!

  5. I will...
    The club is called a driver and they do have large heads...
    I will get those measurements asap.
    When you make the head cover all you need is the head of Frank and about another 10 inches for the neck so it can be pulled over the club.
    It does have to stretch over the club head
    If this works out I would love two of them..
    Tell your husband the second one is for Dweezil Zappa!

  6. Challenge accepted! I could make a Dweezil too if it works ou!

  7. I will get some measurements soon!

  8. that's awesome! i want one!

  9. Hi there

    I would really like to buy a Frank Zappa one from you for my Dad for Christmas.

    Would you consider this??

    If so, please email me at

    Many thanks,


  10. How did the Zappa Golf Club Cover come out? I would be interested

  11. Unfortunately the person requesting it never came back to me with measurements! Might still make one someday! :)

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  13. My husband and I just named our daughter Moon Unit. My husband is a HUUUUGE Zappa fan. Is there anyway you would make us a Frank Zappa for our daughter. she's 3 months old, and I would love this for her (ok, for my husband too. Lol)
    Please email me at
    Thank you! And pleeeease!

  14. Hi, I'm afraid I wouldn't be able to knit up another one, however a couple of knitters have successfully made one using my pattern notes here: Maybe you can find a local knitter to help? (love that you named your daughter Moon Unit, we now have a cat called Dweezil which is as close as we'll get!)