Saturday, 26 March 2011

not knitting

So it's not knitting, but I've had these chairs in the house for a year, and the fabric to cover them for about 8 months- finally got around to covering the first one.

Second one should be easier, the pieces are all cut out and ready to go once my hands have recovered.... *collapses*

Friday, 25 March 2011

Danger Cat

Meet Danger Cat. Wandering without fear in the Garden of Weird Creatures.

Sunday, 20 March 2011

Just finished the most boring project- all garter stitch and very little in the way of interesting shapes, but I have had a lot of enjoyment thinking how much the recipient is going to love hiding it around the office. Harry Hill's Knitted Character (the original of which is actually crocheted)

Now I think I might have to knit something brain-strainingly complicated. With short rows, kitchener stitch, cables and knitted on 17 DPNs.

And since I haven't posted since January and it's nearly April, have some more project pics.

No 1 Crazy Aunt of a Bag of Crazy Aunts. This has been sent to my Mum to give her advice and support.

And No 2 Crazy Aunt.

A frog in a Man U shirt.


And De-Li from Waybuloo

Loved making this one!

Now off to decide what the next project is (in between endlessly knitting squares for a wedding present blanket/afghan)