Monday, 5 September 2011

Beekeeper's quilt

I've been remiss in updating my blog again. And this is why.

It's a knitted quilt made of tiny stuffed hexagons, or 'hexipuffs', and is a great way to use leftover wool. The hexipuffs are positively addictive, so satisfyingly squishy. I am on Puff 93 as of now, and expect to knit about 500 in total.

here is my puffy stash, a few puffs ago. Since taking this picture I have decided I need more neutral coloured puffs, for the sake of my retinas.

Kudos to the creator of this pattern, and I hope she earns enough from this to devote all of her time to creating more amazing patterns. 2462 Ravellers (so far) can't be wrong...

1 comment:

  1. Could this be done in crocheting instead of knitting and if so, where do I get a free pattern?