Sunday, 18 March 2012

not knitting toys

I have been getting distracted my non toy knitting projects since about October. I think it's a combination of selling my car and so needing cosy hats and gloves for waiting at the bus stop, and the joy of learning new techniques. Here are a few of my winter projects.

some fingerless gloves for knitting al fresco

a cosy pair of wellie socks for my little brother with the big feet

a teapot cosy for lazy sunday mornings

my first socks for me! (sadly now deceased thanks to a washing machine incident)

My Ice Queen cowl in glorious kidsilk haze, and finally, a pair of legwarmers! no, I will not be wearing these in public. I wore legwarmers when they were trendy in the 80s, so by definition I can't wear them now.

I am now fully kitted out for a cold winter, just in time for the daffodils to make an appearance. Ah well, it should help me have more toy knitting time next year....

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