Sunday, 8 November 2009

Back to Xmas knitting

My little brother left last night after a week with us. He's incredibly handy, and has fixed a load of niggling little things around the house as well as building us a cabinet for our oddly-shaped bedroom... YAY shoe storage!!! (and freed up some boxes for yarn storage too)

So, back to knitting Xmas decs. I knitted all 24 of Alan Dart's Advent Calendar decs and a friend took them off my hands- having posted pics on Facebook I got an order for another 31 assorted decs, so here is my progress so far:

They are lovely to knit, but some of them are a bit fiddly and have 6 or more little parts! So I've got the fiddliest ones out of the way first.

It's finally got cold here, after some unseasonably mild weather and then a week of pouring rain. Have a couple of chores to do today (baking bread for one) but then I think some serious knitting. I have a labrador to knit as well as some ponies once the decorations are done!

Found a shop in Liverpool that had some knitted toys for sale- a couple of Jean Greenhowe clowns, some Alan Dart dickensian mice, and some cakes and fruit and veg. Sadly the owner was on the phone the whole time we were there and we didn't have time to wait so didn't get to ask about them. I don't know what the copyright rules are about selling in shops, but there weren't hundreds of them! I think it was this shop- Retro 49 Lark Lane, Liverpool, Merseyside, L17 8UW. e-mail: Email:

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