Monday, 26 October 2009

Free Halloween Pumpkin Pattern!

Disclaimer- this is my first attempt at setting down a pattern I made up. Sorry about that- and the rubbish picture! I'm only doing this because Sallie asked- I am soooo not a designer.



UK size 9 or 10 needles

Small amount orange DK

Small amount black DK

Darning needle

Stocking stitch throughout

Cast on 9 sts, leaving a long tail, and ss 2 rows

Row 3: inc 1 into every st (18 sts)

P 1 row

Row 5: (inc 1, K1) to end (27 sts)

Ss 3 rows

Row 9: (inc 1, K2) to end (36 sts)

Ss 9 rows

Row 19: (K2 tog, K2) to end (27 sts)

Ss 3 rows

Row 23: (K2 tog, K1) to end (18 sts)

P 1 row

Row 25: (K2 tog) to end. Break off yarn, leaving a long tail. Sew thread through all sts on needle, draw up tightly and fasten off.

To make up:

Using the long tail from the drawn-up end, mattress-stitch edges together leaving a gap large enough to put stuffing in. Stuff fairly tightly (not so much that the stuffing shows through) and mattress stitch rest of side seam. Sew through every stitch on cast-on edge and draw up tightly and fasten off.

Now, using the long tails sew through from top drawn up edge through pumpkin to bottom and draw up tightly enough to form a segment. Repeat until you’ve used up all the long tails, or have enough segments to look suitably pumpkin-y. Fasten off yarn securely.

With black yarn and using satin stitch (or whatever you feel like) sew facial features. This is not my strong point, but for pumpkins it doesn’t matter so much!

Continue until heartily sick of orange and black.

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