Sunday, 25 October 2009

More Halloween knitting

The halloween knitting continues to overtake the Xmas knitting, of course halloween is closer but really I think I like knitting scary stuff. Sorry for the poor quality pic, I took a quick snap on my mobile.
I've done 8 pumpkins so far, the ghost is based on Alan Dart's Santa from the Advent calendar. The spider is awaiting some more legs- I am not enjoying making the i-cord for that. We have to decorate our desks at work on Friday so I'm going all out, unfortunately if anyone asks for a pumpkin i just can't say no because I love to hear people loving my knitting... I'm so shallow.

Compare these to last year's halloween efforts, when i'd only just started knitting-

This is meant to be the Hitcher from The Mighty Boosh. He's dangling from the stairs to entertain my cat.

I also knitted a skull-and-crossbones teacosy from the fantastic Anticraft website:

That went better but I can still see how much I've improved over the year!

Anyway, probably no knitting today as my hands hurt (I do it to myself, I do...) so can't even take advantage of the extra hour of weekend. The rest of my pumpkins and ghosts will have to be knitted at work at lunchtimes.

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