Friday, 5 February 2010


It's been a mildly eventful week. First Nuno (the kitty in the picture on the right) fell into some water- we're not sure where as we live next to a canal and there are several ponds nearby. Whichever it was, it was covered in ice at the time. We don't think it was the canal, as he didn't smell all that bad, but poor kitty hasn't been quite the same since. Then I caught something a bit like flu - it only lasted 3 days then turned into a normal cold though, so it may just have been man-flu crossing the gender divide.

Not much knitting got done as even wielding two pointy sticks and some string was exhausting. Still, I managed to finish this cat for a work colleague whose baby is due in about 3 weeks

I've knitted a few cats over the last year or so, and thought it was time to post the most challenging one- I was asked to knit a version of a friend's pet for Christmas. This is Binford:

The cat itself only took a couple of weeks, but the markings were a bit of a chore... I learned how to do Swiss darning, but it really did my head in. Still it turned out OK

And on the subject of cats, I'm typing this left-handed as my non-pond-soaked kitty is sitting on my arm with her little fuzzy butt in my face. I'm not cat-obsessed, in fact I've only been a cat owner just over a year- but six months in I just had to go and get a second one.

Now I'm off to mess about on Ravelry some more.

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