Wednesday, 17 February 2010



  1. Hello! I'm glad you liked the strange looking makka pakka- nowhere near as wonderful as your gruffalo!

    The first one I made was totally improvised, hence the strangeness... I have made some notes and I'm going to attempt a second one soon. I think the I-chord spriraly things on its head worked ok though :-)

  2. I love your gruffalo, any chance of sharing the pattern? I have a 2 year old obsessed with him and I'm not good at making my own patterns!

  3. Hi Helen! If you are on Ravelry you can see the project notes there, I think this link will work:

    The pattern is based on some of Sarah Keen's 'Knitted Wild Animals' which is a great book for anyone who likes knitted toys, so I can't take full credit, she's responsible for the lovely cuddly shape, I just added some extra bits to the face really. Glad you liked him!